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It's nature re-coded

Sustainable solution that turns carbon dioxide into renewable chemicals.


Built by nature, amplified by science.

Our vision is to embrace what nature has built and amplify it by science.

Liquid Sun gives us the capability to re-engineer one of oldest energy sources in the world for a pure source of liquid hydrocarbons – ready for industrial applications.

The process

Liquid Sun is a solar fuel cell that is mimicking Nature's way of energy production. It relies on carbon cycling and photosynthesis by converting CO2 and H2O into hydrocarbons and oxygen with the inexhaustible energy coming from the sun.

In fact, Liquid Sun is not only producing value-added commodity chemicals and storing solar energy in transportable fuels but it also alleviates the greenhouse effect.

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Competitive characteristics

Energy free

Liquid Sun is a solar fuel cell that is mimicking Nature's way of energy production. It relies on carbon cycling and photo-synthesis with the energy coming from the sun.

Factory on a chip

The technology of Liquidsun can be fitted into a monolitchic chip, which means that thereis a limited number of moving parts making the solution reliable.

Existing distribution infrastructure

The fuels produced are easy to store and transport with existing distribution infrastructure. There is a wide range of existing uses cases.

Easy implementation

The solution can be fitted into existing powerplants to eliminate CO2. It can also be used in closed environments e.g. marine industry, aviation and space.


Mika Valden


Professor Mika Valden has been leading Surface Science Research at Tampere University for over 35 years.

Pasi Keinänen


Pasi Keinänen has worked in several different technology start-ups in various positions and has also gained experience in start-up coaching, portfolio management and funding.​

Samuel Thesleff


Samuel Thesleff has a strong background in marketing, business management and start-ups.

Panu Nordlund
Brand strategist

Panu Nordlund has over 20 year of experience in brand strategy creation and implementation to companies of all sizes.  Panu has worked as a CEO and a partner in leading brand agency in Finland.

The team

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